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Grand Theft Auto

July 27, 2010

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description Grand Theft Auto

Grand Theft Auto (abbreviated as GTA) is a 1997 action-adventure video game created by DMA Design (now Rockstar North) and published by BMG Interactive. The game allows the player to take on the role of a criminal who can roam freely around a big city. Various missions are set for completion, such as bank robberies, assassinations, and other crimes. It is the first in the Grand Theft Auto series that has thus far spanned ten standalone games, and three expansion packs. The game was originally intended to be named “Race N Chase.”[3] GTA was succeeded by Grand Theft Auto 2 and both games were made available as a free download by Rockstar Games on their website in 2004.Grand Theft Auto was made available on Steam on January 4, 2008.

Experience for yourself every classic car chase ever seen. Race at breakneck speed through an immense, living city out-running and out-witting rival gang members, mercenaries, hired killers and an entire police force.

Drive dozens of varied vehicles around three of American’s toughest cities. Only the best will be able to tame the fastest cars. Only the smartest will know all the short-cuts and the whereabouts of the hottest wheels. Only the toughest will be able to take on the world and finish the job like professionals…

* A unique, zooming top-down view.
* Over 6,000 km of freeways, back streets, roads, alleyways and dead ends.
* Complete freedom of movement; no fixed track-you choose where you want to go.
* Outrageous Hollywood style car handling
* 16.7 million colors
* A 60 minute soundtrack featuring all new music by some of today’s hottest new acts.
* Open ended mission structure-complete jobs the way YOU want to.
* Hidden missions, secret areas and insane power ups ensure that something new is never far way.

Grand Theft Auto puts you in the role of a small-time criminal who is looking for a way to make a name for himself in the crime business. The quickest way to do so is by getting on the good side of the local crime boss by jacking cars, running drugs, and the ever-popular contract killing. In one of Grand Theft Autos most notable missions, you pick up a big rig loaded with explosives. Your task is to drive the rig into the police station, get out, and get away before taking out the pigs where they live.

There are over 200 different missions like these, taking place in three different cities. Each city is filled with cars and pedestrians. There is a total of 20 unique types of vehicles ranging from buses to sports cars, each of which accelerates and handles differently. Which, of course, is something to keep in mind when looking for a car to steal. When the police are coming after you, you may want a fast sports car to outrun them with, or you might want to choose a heavier, more durable car to ram through roadblocks with. If you’re armed with weapons and a strong disrespect for authority, you might just want to take that Body Count song to heart and become a cop killer. There are four different weapons you can get a hold of: a pistol, machine gun, flamethrower, and the mighty rocket launcher.

All of this onscreen terror is from a top-down view that zooms out as your car speeds up to give you a higher vantage point, allowing you to see traffic and turns further ahead. The camera view zooms in when you slow down or are on foot so you can see all of the carnage up close. The graphics overall are simple but effective – little cars and little people. This simplicity seems to take some of the edge off the harshness of the situations you get yourself into. The view combined with the graphics of Grand Theft Auto give it a similar look and feel to Atari’s classic arcade game A.P.B.

rominfo Grand Theft Auto

Grand Theft Auto
Developer(s) Visual Sciences (PS)
Publisher(s) BMG Interactive, ASC Games, Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc.
Series Grand Theft Auto
Platform(s) PlayStation
Release date(s) PlayStation

  • EU December, 1997
  • NA June 30, 1998
  • JP August 27, 1998
Genre(s) Action
Mode(s) Single-player, multiplayer
  • BBFC: 18
  • ELSPA: 18+, 11+ (GBC)
  • ESRB: M, T (GBC)
  • OFLC: MA15+, M (GBC)
  • USK: 16
Media CD-ROM, cartridge, download

screenshots Grand Theft Auto

PSX Grand Theft Auto1 Grand Theft Auto

PSX Grand Theft Auto2 Grand Theft Auto

PSX Grand Theft Auto3 Grand Theft Auto

PSX Grand Theft Auto4 Grand Theft Auto

PSX Grand Theft Auto5 Grand Theft Auto

PSX Grand Theft Auto6 Grand Theft Auto

video Grand Theft Auto

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Region: USA Grand Theft Auto
Download Grand Theft Auto [U] [SLUS-00106]

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